Base and Lid Enclosures


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Base and Lid Enclosures

Base and Lid Enclosures manufactured to custom sizes to fit your PCB or components.

 No Design Charges - No Tooling


·         Base and Lid Construction

·         (x4) M3 countersink screws

·         Manufactured to size specification

·         Various material colour and specification options

·         Manufactured to order to short lead-times


·         Manufactured in HIPS, ABS, Polycarbonate

·         HIPS can be UL94-VO (self extinguishing)

·         CNC Milling ( holes, cut-outs, vents, pockets, pillars, windows)

·         Screen Printing/Membranes/Overlays

Ordering Information:

·         Simply provide your internal dimensions for a free quotation